Renting an appartment in Peru

We are staying in a hostel (pronounce hostal) for a few days until we find a rental.

Yesterday we found a rental – not too good, not too bad. The lady came to show it to me with her husband and asked for $500, for a 4 bedroom duplex. In the afternoon she shows it to us again and, surprise surprise, she now says that it is $500 for the upstairs only. Not only this is a clear manipulation but she claims that it is what she said this morning too. But even more funny is that there is no separation between the two units. So I told her thank you but no thank you and good bye.

Today I found a lovely 3 bedrooms. closer to the center for $280. The landlords are very honest and live upstairs! They even have a stove to sell us for $30.

It doesnt get better than that…

Reclaiming our life…in Peru!!


Peru has something to offer we could never find in the US.

Something that makes all other activities possible.

Something that is more precious than anything else.

What is it?

It is a four letter word: TIME!

Time to finally do what we could never do before for lack of time.

Time to speak to one another, to go for a walk, time to get to know our children better.

If it was for that only, it would already be worth being here…




My name is Rachel.

I have a large family.

We have been married for 25 years and gave birth to 11 children ranging from 24 to 4 years old.

Two of our daughters are already married, one is a mother to a beautiful baby girl, the other is expecting a baby in December.

We have lived in several different countries over the course of our lives, starting before we were married.

My American born husband was raised in a military family who lived in Japan, Germany and the UK (the UK – before he was born) as well as various states of the US.

Me – born in France and moved to Israel at the age of 16, where  met my husband at the age of 19.

We both lived in Israel, the US, Israel again, TWICE.


Each time for different reasons: schooling, business, or a combination of both.

(I don´t want to bore my readers).

We have the possibility many don´t have: we operate an online business that requires limited presence in the US. So we are very lucky to be able to move from one country to another. All we need is to get organized and save some $$$ and take a plane – or two – or three.

We spent a year in South  America two years ago and just , well, loved it! The only reasons we came back was personal familial reasons.

So we just spent a year in the US, after spending a year in Peru and Paraguay and the contrast was chocking. For me this year was a combination of frenzy, frustration, running after my tail, and an overwhelming sense of being put into the spin cycle of my washing machine.

I surprised myself with the vehemence and conviction of my voice as I was announcing to my mother our decision of returning to live in South America.


No time for myself or my children, running around all day long, being exhausted day in day out, and most poignantly: not knowing my own children.

Yes!  On an average day we speak to our children maybe 10 minutes and it is all superficial talking about homework or cleaning their room, or discipline.

I feel the frustration of being here physically but completely in another universe mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The errands, shopping, driving, phone calls, crisis and interruptions are all taking over my life and pushing me away from what I really want: a simple life with my husband and children.

I am not asking for luxuries,fancy outings, and polished looks.

All I want is time with my children, in order to connect with them and know who they are. I also want them to know that I am here for them and love them more than anyone else (besides their father -of course). I resent the distractions and the frenzy who transport me to another reality.

I am tired of feeling so frustrated.

So it all brings us to our decision to move back to South Amerca, homeschooling and a healthy diet of fresh vegetables, fruits, chicken and eggs. Fresh breads and cakes. And all the naturally good stuff.