Four months in Peru – Visa renewal!

Yes, it’s been almost four months that we are in Peru!
How do I know?
Because our visas expired two weeks ago and we had to cross the border.
Let me tell you about that..But first I want to apologize for not having kept up with writing this blog as often as I should of. (Jewish guilt, eh?)
I had to travel to the US for work and I was away for almost four weeks. It’s been very difficult emotionally to be away from hubby and kids for so long.
My 4 yo Elisha, asked me to “come out of Skype and come home!”
I am grateful for having been able to work and visit my kids living in the US and combining business and pleasure as I am accustomed to.
I even ate a steak!!! (This was real special since we don’t eat meat here, only chicken. And.. I LOVE red meat!)
But, anyway, I returned from my business-pleasure trip and the children’s and hubby’s visas were about to finish. What happens is that we can get a visa for 3 or 6 months and then have to leave at least for 24 hours and re-enter. People who stay beyond their visas are fined a dollar a day at the airport, when they ultimately leave Peru.
So we decided to go on a little trip to Bolivia, since it is the closest border.
It is an 11 hours bus ride, one way!
We packed sandwiches and proceeded to pack for the kids and left for 2 days.
The bus ride was actually much easier than I expected. It was a night ride and the bus was supposed to be a ” Cama bus” (meaning a bed-bus) but it ended up being a “Semi-Cama” meaning that you could lift your legs a bit up and lower your seat a bit too.
Departure was 10:30pm, so we all slept – somehow.. My 13 yo Naomi couldn’t sleep and later told me that she saw the most beautiful sky, completely covered with stars! What a sight!
We checked in in an “Israeli Hostel” called Lobo.
The reason it is an Israeli hostel is that 99.99% of people staying there are Israelis.
All young Israelis after the army traveling around South America, very much like the large amount of Israelis (I call them Israeli kids) who end up here in Cusco.
The water in Bolivia is bad just like here, and we have to boil it first. Many of them don’t care to do that, and this fact combined with them eating garbage treiffe food from the local restaurants causes them to have digestive problems, which they have no problem describing in loud voices over Skype.
“Abba, guess what!? No shilshul (diarrhea) today, but I had yesterday.”
Plus, they feel free to vomit all over the bathroom floors and stairways.
Besides that they were adorable!
Some of them knew us from the post Yom Kippur party.
Some knew our older sons from their previous stay in Cusco.
It was definitely a nice feeling and the kids enjoyed the company.
We also went shopping for clothes, I believe it is one of the cheapest place in the world for shopping. We were often stopped in the market due to people complimenting how beautiful we are! (I forgot to say that the Bolivian are, well..not so nice looking, if you know what I mean).
We had our meals at the local Bet Chabad, and met a young couple who are Shluchim in Argentina. The Chabad La Paz is operated by a very nice and friendly Israeli couple with two babies. The whole family is blond.They have been there for only three months and seem to adjust very well. Unfortunately, they have no chicken and no meat so they only serve fish. Fish balls, fried fish, fish stir and fry. The kids enjoyed french fries and pasta too.
Hubby took them out to the movies at night and they had a wonderful time.
Otherwise, the city of La Paz which is even higher up than Cusco, could of enjoyed the same spectacular mountain vue like Cusco, if they wouldn’t of  built tall buildings all around the whole city. So the vue is limited to occasional “patches” of vue here and there.
Also, crossing he street is almost impossible as they never stop for pedestrians..and it is busy streets full of traffic and old buses (like three buses ago in Israel, if you remember).
I was happy to come home. I forgot to say our 4 yo also had Shilshul (look above for translation), which gave me some anxiety since we are not allowed to “make #2” in the bus back to Peru – remember, 11 hours?!
Well, it all worked out beautifully.
On the way back, despite the fact that there is no direct night bus from La Paz to Cusco, we were offered a Cama Bus for the price od a Semi Cama (yes, a miracle) and guess what? Now, you are talking! Your feet go all the way up and your back all the way down plus, you are allowed to make your #2 in the bus toilet, what a dream!!
They put some movie on…oh my oh my! It was a Mexican comedy featuring the story of “homo-zecsual” couple adopting a boy. I had to turn around every 15 minutes and scream at the kids to close their eyes!!
Anyways, we made it! Plus, I succeeded in convincing the immigration clerk that we need a 6 months visa this time, and we got it!!!
Oh, it’s so nice to be home.
Oh, yeah.
Coming Soon: Chanukkah in Cusco -Peru.

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