“Me go afuera?”

That’s how my 6 yo son, Benjy,  asked Ingrid, our helper, if he was going outside!

The younger kids are starting to speak a bit of Spanish, as I heard my 4 year old yesterday telling Ingrid:”Agua! Agua! I want Agua!”.

So, I decided to teach them some basic vocabulary and we are putting this on the list with other homeschool topics.

The language is definitely a change, just as much as the mentality, of course.

Last Sunday we all went to a Dog Show. Yes, you read right! Me go to dog show! (I don’t even like dogs, besides Bentley, of course, even though I probably could tell the truth here, as I highly doubt that Bentley follows my blog, right?).

So, what do people in Peru do at a Dog Shows? Well, they watch chiwawas and other types of dogs running around in circles. Nothing more than that..I admit being disappointed as a previous spoiled resident of the USA, I was expecting watching dogs dancing, walking on two feet,maybe even talking in Spanish, unfortunately, nothing as such:(

At least our kids enjoyed it, as well as the Luna park on the premises, with a HUGE slide.

For the kids to slide down, they had to first  climb up about 50 feet and then slide down. While our kids were quickly into it, and immediately gasped the concept, there was a little 3 year old Peruvian boy who seemed afraid to climb up. His dad, who paid a whole 35cents was, well, kind of frustrated and kept yelling towards his son:”Sube, Lorenzo, Sube!!!” (“Go up, Lorenzo, go up!”) I tried to ask our kids to give Lorenzo a gentle push, nothing did it.

Lorenzo’s dad, after 10 minutes of pointless coaching finally pleaded to the lady who sold him to ticket to, por favor, intervene.

She dropped everything (even her shoes) and went up, firmly holding Lorenzo’s hand and giving him no other choice.

Whaooo!!! Wasn’t Lorenzo in for a surprise as he sled down! I thought he was going to have a cardiac arrest! Poor dude!


On another topic, Rosh Hashana went really well, thank God!

I realized just the day before that we were going to cook all the meals at home.

I was kind of relying on buying he food from Bet Chabad, but last minute we decided we would have cheaper and better doing it ourselves. That also allowed us the luxury of rotating Milchig and Fleishig, so…

I made our own mozzarella cheese, grape juice, cakes and pies.

Dear hubby made his own cream cheese and lox. Yes, we’re a match! How did I learn to make cheese? By watching this youtube:

(I am not a fan of his haircut but I like his cheese. In MY house, in HIS I would be too nervous of find some of his hair in my pizza).

Anyway, we are getting accustomed to our new life and I even opened my factory last week and after spending a week of hiring and firing, I now have a fantasic team. Nice ladies and all.

However, I would pefer to bypass the “hello -kiss kiss-business”, it is not exactly to my liking to kiss ladies 16 times a day, not even speaking of the germs…(It wouldnt bother me if it was guys, as long as they look good, that is). Soooo, I have finally found a “trick” :  I make sure to keep myself very BZ and very far from the door when they walk in and I am “Patur” from the kiss. When they leave, I do the same but sometimes it doesn’t work as they walk towards me and of course I get the hint – I don’t want to hurt their feelings. I guess after spending a whole day with me they are determined to force a kiss of freedom.

The kitchen helpers (Leonor in the mornings and Ingrid in the afternoons) are also getting accustomed to us. It took me a great deal of patience to teach them all about not mixing the Milchig and Fleishig. I finally told them that for me it’s like loosing $5,000 and now they finally got it!

I am now baking small honey cakes to distribute to Israeli tourists together with an invitation to break the fast with us.

We will see how many show up. (Hopefully not sixty).

Well, that’s it for now.

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2 responses

  1. Shoshana Z.

    Love your blog! Gamar chasima tova. I would love to hear about your factory.

    October 7, 2011 at 6:34 pm

    • Thanks a lot!
      The factory is a doing good – thanks.
      I could give you more info by email, I really want to keep business separated from this blog. I hope you understand..

      December 22, 2011 at 11:16 pm

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