Plaza de Armas

Known as the “Square of the warrior” in the Inca era, this plaza has been the scene of several important events in the history of this city, such as the proclamation by Francisco Pizarro in the conquest of Cuzco.

Similarly, the Plaza de Armas was the scene of the death of Túpac Amaru II, considered the indigenous leader of the resistance.

The Spanish built stone arcades around the plaza which endure to this day. The main cathedral and the Church of La Compañía both open directly onto the plaza.

Plaza de Armas reflects the full magic of beautiful Cusco!

While in daytime, this beautiful Square is the favorite place for many locals to seat on benches and relax in the harmonious scenery, as soon as the day fades away, the night envelops the horizons and within minutes all is turned to magic!

Plaza de Armas is by far one of the most romantic and pleasant place to go for a night walk or go for a cup of coffee or tea in the numerous terraces  surprisingly perched on top of the architecture.

Check this youtube I found of Plaza de Armas at night, unfortunately it doesn’t really do justice bu stll give you a glimpse :


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