Inka cola, Inka grill, Inka cash, Akiva, Itzchak Rabin and Shany…


Country of the Incas!

Macchu Pichu is one of the highest touristic site, due to the fact that the integrity of the place has been preserved since the 15th century in such an amazing way…

Everything is preceeded with the same adjective:INKA.

The coke is Inka cola, the restaurant is Inka grill, bank is Inca cash, etc..etc..

And in the middle of all this patriotism, some Peruvians give Israeli names to their kids, such as Shany, Shiran, and even Itzchak Rabin (both as a first name -in case you are wondering).

The neighbor of the Chabad Shluchim is a little 8 year old boy with payos!! He thinks it is a nice hair style. His brother answers to the name of Akiva!

The young couple in charge of the hostel we stayed at speaks fluent Hebrew and greeted us every morning with a warm: Boker Tov!

I checked the local classified today and someone is selling a “Shawarma Maquina” and the laundry place proudly displays in Hebrew letters: “Hamachbessa Haachi Achi” (the best laundry place, brother).
Of course all this gives us a comfortable feeling.

As of the family, we are going to send our two youngest to school tomorrow, from 8:30 to 1pm. The director of the kindergarten around the corner from our house taught in the Lima´s Jewish School for two years. She speaks English and has invited me Friday morning to teach the local children about Shabbat.
The cost: $50 per month, each. (I used to pay $400 in the US.)
We are looking forward for these two to socialize and start speaking Spanish within a few weeks.
We now have officially started homeschooling the children and enjoy full time housekeeping help, courtesy of Leonore from 8-1 and Ingrid from 2 to 9pm. By the way, I taught her today how to make a Bechamel and she scrubbed the oven very clean – we will Kosher it tomorrow.
Me and the girls went to get our eyebrows done for a dollar a piece and we went shopping for vegetables this morning in the open market.
The view from our bedroom is breathtaking and the only thing I now miss is Internet services -we will be connected in a few days.
Besides all that…Hasta Manana!!

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4 responses

  1. Shoshana Z.

    Love it! Keep posting pictures.

    September 15, 2011 at 4:35 am

  2. michal

    wow! i cnt believe the peruvian kids have hebrew names!!! and payot??!!! unbelievable!
    i love the blog!!!
    keep it coming!!

    September 15, 2011 at 9:39 pm

    • I’m as surprised as you are, Michal!
      Thanks for you compliment!

      September 15, 2011 at 10:21 pm

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