Furnishing our new house

So, we rented for one year a cute three bedroom apartment, for $286 per month. As opposed to the first landlord, Sonya, who showed me her apartment a second time and claimed $500 was only for the upstairs, these new landlords seem really honest. They pointed to us the downs too. For example, the shower does not have hot water after 9PM. (But this is actually for the whole town due to the water pressure – we are very high in the mountains). They also sold us a stove and explained to us that the only problem they had with it is that the flames are not too high. It surely doesn´t bother me at all, if anything it might discourage me from frying foods.

(I won´t be the one to cook anyways since I have help around the clock.

Leonore in the morning and her daughter Julia in the afternoons. More about that later).

So, back to the house.

I really liked the fact that two of the three bedrooms have big windows facing  a park and an outdoor sports field with little children playing. The walls are painted bright yellow and it´s just so lovely. The only time I had a better ¨window setting¨was in Israel when we lived closed to a Talmud Torah and could hear the little boys praying in the morning…

My new landlord took me all the way upstairs of this 3 family- house (she is my upstairs neighbor) to show me the “laundry spot”… And here I discovered the most amazing, beautiful, breathtaking vue of the beautiful mountains and peaceful scenery. With the famous writing on the mountain¨Viva El Peru¨!!

This, my laundry spot???? I don´t think so! But I surely can imagine sitting there meditating, reading or just reconnecting with the world.

So now that we have the house we need…furniture!!

We went to an open market which opens on Sundays, called Wanchaq. Artisans from all around campos (villages) bring their work of art. Beds, bookcases, tables etc..All is wood work. Some finished and colored wood, some just plain wood.

We took a cab from the hostal we are staying at and accompanied by 3 of our children and our dear helper Leonor (for bargaining purposes), we got to this market.

Here is what we bought:

5 wooden bed frames 350 soles : $128 (yes, for all five!!) Leonore managed to bring the price 100 soles down!

1 large dining room table and six chairs 210 soles: $77

2 bookcases sturdy wood 120 soles: $44

4 small multi-purpose cabinets (for clothes) 40 soles: $14

2 small wooden kids chairs: 10 soles each: $3.5

And all these are hand made, by local carpenters!

Now, how did we bring all these to our new house? Leonore just asked the person who sold the bed frames if they could help with transportation. It got quickly arranged by a small truck fro the price of $14!!! (It is about half an hour ride). While I took a cab and went back to the hostel with the kids.

Our only regret: we didn’t get to buy vegetables and fruits in this awesome market!!

By the way, Leonore told me that Sonya has an attractive offer for me: rent me her upstairs and downstairs for $2,000 for three months.

Now, the furniture are all in the new house. What is missing? Mattresses and a bunk bed. (This is the reason why I only got 5 bed frames instead of seven).

Back in the hostel, I ask Clever (the 25 years old hostel proprietor -more about him later) about the rumor I heard that he has mattresses for sale. Yes! He does! and what else does he have to sell? A bunk bed!!!

He is selling all these goodies for $320, AND, he will bring them in the morning directly to our apartment.

Now, let me ask you: Does is ever get better than that??


Open Sunday furniture market


2 responses

  1. Wow, what amazing prices and how fantastic that you were able to get so many things you needed at one time and place – and to have them easily delivered! Enjoy watching your house become a home. 🙂

    September 18, 2011 at 2:29 pm

    • Thanks!
      We just got our frig this morning. Cost was $80 plus $1.5 for the cab to get it here and another $6 to the movers (first floor).
      Life is so cheap it is a real pleasure!

      September 18, 2011 at 2:52 pm

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