Sharing a Shabbat table with 150 people!

Such a small world! Right here in Peru, within 150 people, I met a person who grew up in the same house we lived in Israel for three years!! They were the previous tenants…such a small small world!!!

The Shabbat table was about 150 Israelis, some dressed formal, some less, all sharing zmirot and songs. All looked very happy and very hungry. It felt like we were all united to spend this Shabbat together.

We spoke with some and they were quiet puzzled by us being there, specifically when we explained that we are here to live!

The Rav made some announcements which included warnings for the various sport activities this place is so popular for. He then went table to table to greet all guests and when he came to us, I told him that he really scared me with the warnings.. He asked jokingly if I was planning in taking parts in some of these activities and I said : No, but now I really have to pray hard for the welfare of all!!

When the meal finished we walked back a short 5 minutes to our hostel, where we are sharing 5 beds between the 7 of us. It was my turn to sleep with DS4 who claimed that he couldn´t see me as we snuggled in bed together. I replied:”You can´t see me but you know that I´m here. It is the same with Hashem (God).” At 7 am he woke up and excitedly told his brother;” I had a dream that God came down and I could see him!!”

We went back to Bet Chabad for breakfast (Jachnun) at 9:30, followed by Tefilah (prayers) from 10 to 12 and then lunch with about 90 people, another tefilah and went home. Julia, our babysitter came at 3pm.

At 5pm, we went to a Shiur of Kabbalah, that was full of insights. It was the purpose of men in the world and how we are God´s partners in making the world a godly place.

The rest of the day was uneventful.

It has been a truly delightful and restful Shabbat.

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